JavaPolis07.jpg Last year’s JavaPolis site had 92,000 unique visitors and 20,000 registered website users. Even better — is actually Confluence re-designed and, every year, a new JavaPolis site with a new look is developed.
Stephan Janssen, the mastermind behind this annual Java conference and the website itself, shares insight into both in this JavaPolis/Confluence case study. Here’s a snippet:

How did people react when you said you were moving the site to a wiki?
During a JavaPolis partner-sponsors meeting, we announced that we were going to use a wiki for the website. A lot of the companies were very skeptical about it. Can’t anyone just change it? Will that work? they asked. I had to convince them that there is social control in a wiki because of all the people who use it and the many who receive notifications and so on.

Read the entire Confluence case study on JavaPolis.

New Case Study: JavaPolis Site Runs on Confluence ...