A few months ago we interviewed Mingyi Liu of GPC Biotech about how they’re using Confluence to record, share, and review preliminary experimental results. GPC Biotech, a company that develops new drugs to fight cancer, is a global organisation with employees spread out in three locations on two continents.
About half of the company now uses the wiki. Before, information was difficult to share before because it was “trapped” in file systems (Excel and PowerPoint) and then in email in-boxes. Naturally, the first thing people did after installing the wiki was to use it in much the same way… as a place to store files. But eventually the wiki concept took off and changed the way that people collaborate.
Here’s a question from the case study:

Is Confluence being used in other ways than what was expected?
Some uses came along as we started using it. Initially, we were sharing knowledge articles. But people loved the versioning control of pages and attachments, so they actually started using it like a file manager — they share files and uploaded files as attachments; they record comments, and create pages for their attachments. They manage experimental results this way. With the rich features that Confluence has, the possibilities are just endless and we are taking more and more advantage of the features.

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A special thanks to Mingyi and the nice folks at GPC Biotech for sharing their story with us. Keep up the great work!

Case Study: Wiki Rx in the Biotech World...