Did you know the Constitution Day site is actually Confluence in disguise? We’ve blogged about it before, but now you can read all the details about this unique instance of our wiki software. The Constitution Day wiki received 50,000 hits per day at its peak and today continues to be a resource where people can upload, publish, share and access knowledge.
This new Confluence case study reveals the in’s-and-out’s of National Constitution Day and its distinctive wiki. Among other details, you’ll discover how content contributions are controlled; how the wiki was re-designed to look more like a traditional website; and the customised star-rating system where readers rank content quality. Here’s a little sampling:

What made you decide to deploy a wiki as the backbone for the Constitution Day site?
We had a static Constitution Day site in 2005. For 2006, we wanted a more public, democratic process that did more than present information. We wanted more of a forum and a community that allowed people to find and contribute content.

Continue reading the National Constitution Center case study on Confluence. You can also catch up on the growing collection of our wiki case studies.
BTW – If this case study interests you, keep an eye out for our next case study in which we interview the creative firm responsible for re-designing this awesome Constitution Day instance of Confluence.

New Case Study Highlights Constitution Day Wiki...