redant_logo.png Confluence as an interactive extranet?! Now we have a case study focused on it thanks to Red Ant, a website design and development firm. In this new case study see how Red Ant uses our wiki as an extranet that visually communicates complex design ideas to their clients.
Here’s an excerpt:

Do your clients know they’re using a wiki?
I think the term “wiki” is still a bit unknown to most of our customers, but in the end it doesn’t matter too much — they’re just interested in getting quick updates and information. When we first set up a client, we send them a welcome letter with access details and passwords, as well as an outline of how we work, where to look for updates, etc…

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Thanks again, Red Ant, for participating in a case study and moreover for developing that case study right in your extranet!

New Case Study Spotlights Confluence as an Extrane...