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After a successful Jira 4.2 release the Jira team is excited to announce a smaller, yet significant, beta release: The Jira Importers Plugin

Importing your existing bug tracker into Jira

bugzilla-to-jira-importer.pngAs you may know, the current importer feature in Jira, aka the external system importer, allows
you to import issues from Bugzilla, Mantis and FogBugz, as well as CSV files and custom Jelly scripts. While this is a great feature, it has its limitations.  With each new release of Bugzilla, Mantis or FogBugz, we were only able to address Jira compatibility issues in the subsequent release of Jira.

Well this is no longer the case as
we have now extracted the importer code into a Jira plugin. This
means that development of the external system importer can be done very
quickly and the release of new importer updates is no longer dependant on a
Jira release.

Beta Bugzilla importer

The beta release of the Jira Importers Plugin allows you to import your Bugzilla bugs
into Jira. The current Bugzilla versions supported range from 2.20 to 3.6.3.
Bugzilla 3.6.3 was released this week which just goes to show how quickly
we can test and update the new importer!

In addition to moving the importer to a plugin, we have also added some great new features:

import logs.png

  • Importing Work History.
  • Importing Big File attachments.
  • Importing disabled user accounts (do not count towards Jira user limit).
  • Improved import monitoring.
  • Improved error handling.
  • We’ve also addresses all the bugs that were raised.

What’s next?

For this first beta release we have concentrated on the
Bugzilla importer and in the next few releases we’ll be tackling the
remaining importers: Mantis, Fogbugz and CSV. In the meantime, if you wish to import from
these systems you can continue to use the original
importers included in Jira.

import versions.png

Please feel free to raise any bugs or feature
requests that you have in the Jira Importer Project.

New Bugzilla importer plugin for Jira...