A Whole New Purpose

Today, Atlassian is announcing new product blogs, the Jira Blog, the Confluence Blog and the Dev Tools Blog. The idea is to provide a steady and focused drip feed of product updates, power user tips and usage examples to help passionate product users be increasingly more successful with these tools.

Three New Blogs

Atlassian’s current blogs aren’t going away. You should still subscribe to the news blog to get spirited updates about news and events. Likewise, the Atlassian developer blog will continue to bring lively posts like JQuery Bondage. While these blogs have grown subscribers by over 50% in the past year, we’ve heard requests for more targeted product focused content, so we have aimed the new product blogs to meet that need.

A Whole New Look

Check out this whole new look to get the navigate through all of the Atlassian blog posts:
Atlassian Blogs.jpg

Subscribe Now:

Here are links to the RSS feeds to get going with new Product Blogs:
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