We spent some time today cleaning up and improving some of the documentation on the website, I thought I’d flag it here in case anyone is having trouble in those areas.
All of the server setup guides have been overhauled and tightened for Jira 1.4 release, and there is now a more comprehensive comparison of the different servers and their strengths / weaknesses:
The Listeners documentation has been updated with source from the 1.4 release, especially useful if you are writing your own MailListener:
Most importantly, the Services documentation has been updated to reflect the 1.4 services architecture and all the example code has been updated too. This document now includes a section on how MessageHandlers work, source code for the 3 included handlers (full comment, non quoted comment and CVS log):
As always, any feedback on our documentation – or specific areas we could
improve – is most appreciated.

New and update documentation items