Context switching is a productivity killer for development teams of all sizes. In most workflows, issue trackers like Jira record which features have been built, which bugs have been fixed, and what work is scheduled for future releases. Version control systems like Git track the actual code used to bring these bug fixes and features to life. While both systems are vital to your workflow, keeping the two in sync can take some effort and discipline from your development team. At Atlassian, we’re saving developers time and ensuring teams have up to date information by tightly integrating your Git repositories with your Jira projects in a variety of novel ways.

Join us on November 20th 2014 at 10am PST

In this webinar we’ll look at integrating Jira with Stash to optimize your development workflow using Git while providing deeper insight into your issues. The topics we’ll cover include:

  • Designing a Git branching structure for rapid development, painless releases, and simpler issue tracking
  • Displaying commits, branches, and pull requests inline with your issues (and vice versa) to provide a rich context for developers investigating bugs or digging into the implementation of a feature
  • Mapping source code events (like branch creation and pull request merges) to Jira’s powerful workflow triggers, saving developers time, and ensuring your issues reflect the reality of your codebase
  • Quickly correlating issues, fix versions and code to take the tedium out of reconciling a release

You’ll get the most out of this webinar if you’re currently using Jira for development work and have at least a passing interest in Git.

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