The Atlassian Marketplace is proud to announce a new way to make it easier for Atlassian customers to find great add-ons – Atlassian Verified. Atlassian Verified is a certification program to call out developers on the Marketplace who meet standards of traction, reliability, and support.

In the Atlassian Marketplace, you will now see a checkmark next to commercial add-ons from developers whom Atlassian has verified.

Atlassian Marketplace has a new way to identify proven developers - Atlassian Verified

Atlassian Verified developers have met Atlassian standards on:

  • Traction – Developers have built add-ons adopted by a critical mass of Atlassian customers
  • Reliability – Upgrade on your terms. Atlassian Verified developers will be compatible with the Atlassian application within two weeks of release
  • Support – Developers meet a published Service Level Agreement (SLA), have support websites, and are available at least eight hours a day, five days a week

Atlassian Verified is intended to ensure that customers have great experiences, and reward developers that consistently offer them.  Visit the Atlassian Marketplace and see what’s new for Jira and Confluence.

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