Tell me this has never happened to you before:

  1. A co-worker shares a page with you or @mentions you in one.
  2. You click the link eager to see what’s so important.
  3. You get an error message because the page has view restrictions.
  4. Frustrated, you email said person asking for access.
  5. Said person edits the page’s restrictions and gives you access.
  6. You finally get access, but only after your second email to said person who forgot to tell you you already had access

Sound familiar? This happens all too often at Atlassian and we know it’s a point of friction for you too, so we decided to do something about it.

Introducing ‘Request access’ for restricted pages

Next time you visit a page that’s been shared with you and you don’t have permission to view it, all you need to do is click ‘Request access’.


No more jumping to email or your IM client – request access in a single click and Confluence will automatically send an email notification to the last editor of the page.


It’s all roses from here. All the last editor needs to do is grant and confirm your access to the page. Confluence will notify you via email as soon as you have access so just sit back and relax.


Now that the user has been granted access, he or she can access the Confluence page. It’s simple.

Try it today

You may not be as clumsy as me, but if this problem occurs there’s an easy process to sort it out and hopefully remove a PITA moment from your day.

Using OnDemand?

You’ve been auto-updated – log in to Confluence to mistakenly share a page with a coworker that doesn’t have permission to view it.

Using Confluence Download?

This feature will be made available to you in our next major Confluence release, Confluence 5.3.

New to Confluence?

Get up and running in a matter of minutes with a free 30-day Confluence OnDemand trial.

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