If you’re lucky enough to be using Confluence OnDemand you couldn’t have missed the sleek new navigation header that makes your OnDemand experience smoother, faster, and dead-simple.

What you might not have noticed however, is a nifty little update that will notify you of new activity in Confluence pages – new comments and edits – as it happens. Introducing In-page Notifications – available now in Confluence OnDemand.

Follow conversations, as they happen

Confluence 4.3 introduced WorkBox, a re-imagined notification and activity system available everywhere within Confluence, gives you one place to track important work without switching to your email or task management app. WorkBox was a huge improvement to Confluence Notifications, but we didn’t stop there. Our latest update to Confluence OnDemand introduces In-page Notificationsthe fastest way to stay up-to-date with the conversations and work taking place in Confluence.

View page updates, as they happen

If you’re anything like me, you use Confluence to create, share, and discuss all the content you need to get work done with your team. There might be times when you open a Confluence page that’s being updated by a co-worker, and as a result there’s a chance you’re viewing an outdated version. Until now, you had no idea that an update had been made to the page since you opened it.

Below is a screenshot of a Confluence page that we used to gather all the statistics we planned on using in our recent You Waste A Lot Of Time At Work infographic. We used the new table row highlighting feature introduced in Confluence 4.3 to highlight the statistics we decided to use in the final design. Thanks to In-page Notifications we were able to follow updates to the page as co-workers sourced more compelling statistics to use.

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