Sun announced the newest release of NetBeans, version 6.8, on December 10th. Among the many new features of 6.8 came an updated Jira integration. This integration was possible in 6.7 through a plugin, but the NetBeans site now touts “full Jira support”.

Integration Features

From the NetBeans 6.8 release page

  • Execute queries, save issue queries; sort and/or filter query results.
  • Open, edit and create issues.
  • Open, save or upload issue attachments.
  • Log work done on issues.
  • Simplified patch manipulation – a patch (diff) created in the IDE can be attached to the selected issue easily.
  • Navigation extensions:
    • Clicking on a stacktrace in an issue jumps directly to the source code.
    • You can open issue from wherever the IDE references it – from a source code, commit messages in version control history, from versioning annotations etc.
  • Commit hooks:
    • An issue can be automatically closed by a commit (with additional info about committed changes added to the issue).
    • You can let the commit dialog add issue information into a commit message.

Fill Me In

I haven’t had a chance to try out the new version, so to any NetBeans pros in the audience: have you tried out 6.8 Jira integration yet? Share your experience below.

Full Jira Support in NetBeans 6.8