Announcing the Universal Wiki Converter!
A frequent request we’ve heard from both prospective and existing Confluence customers is along the lines of, “We really like Confluence, but we started with this other wiki and have a plethora of existing content laying around. Can you help us convert it?”
Other people had contributed several content converters which were in various states. They had some overlapping features and short comings. Most of them used regular expressions to convert syntax, but most of them also didn’t handle images or attachments.
We took a step back and tried to figure out how to leverage existing efforts while creating a platform which could largely eliminate overlapping effort (things like selecting files to convert and sending pages WITH their attachments to Confluence).
The Universal Wiki Converter (UWC) is both a GUI tool to run conversions and a well documented, extensible framework which handles the common tasks associated with converting pages from other wikis to Confluence.
Currently there are converters for TWiki, PmWiki, and DokuWiki.
If you’re interested in learning more please have a look at the UWC site

The conversions are not perfect and mileage will vary, but everything is available for users to tweak and improve. Please contribute back new converters, enhancements and improvements as this will also drive the community to increase the quality of your own conversions.
There is a quick start guide as well.
There are also a couple of videos to jump start your efforts:
UWC Usage video
UWC developer video – adding a new type of wiki ‘converter’ + tips:
(if you want to write a new converter for your old wiki, you can get started here.)
The DokuWiki converter was built by an independent consultant (Rolf Staflin) who was able to successfully leverage the UWC. He also made several excellent improvements to the core framework… collaboration at it’s best!
Disclaimer: The UWC is not officially supported by Atlassian. It’s free to use but there are no guarantees 🙂 As mentioned above conversions will not be perfect and possibly far from perfect. Mileage will vary depending on the variety of syntax your wiki uses.

Need to convert a wiki to Confluence? Now there is help!