One of my favorite aspects of Confluence is how information is neatly organized into spaces and pages. We’ve recently made some changes that make page hierarchy more visible and will save you from wasting time searching for the spaces and pages you need to get work done.

Easy access

New Spaces drop-down

Most of the time, I don’t need to see the whole Space Directory. I just want to select from a few, often used spaces. We added a spaces drop down menu with your five most recently viewed spaces as well as a link to the Space Directory, just in case you do want to see them all. Now, your most used spaces are just two clicks away.

Spaces drop down menu

Increased visibility

The sidebar is useful for quickly navigating within a space and a few updates make it even more effective.

View parent page in sidebar

Now, you can clearly see the page you are on and where it falls in the page hierarchy within the sidebar.

Parent page

View page tree in sidebar

You can now choose to see the whole page tree in the sidebar – parent and all its children. To enable this, space administrators should select “Configure sidebar” in the Space Tools menu and then the radio button next to “Page tree.” It’s like having a quick reference map of the space right there in the sidebar, putting all the pages within a click’s reach.


New Space Tools menu

Finally, for all of you who like having it your way, customizing your sidebar is easier, too. The Space Tools menu is now nestled at the bottom of the sidebar and it includes links to commonly used space operations like Permissions and Add-ons.


What are you waiting for?

Navigating spaces and pages, understanding page hierarchy, and customizing the sidebar has never been easier. Try out these improvements today.

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