Only one more week to go and the competition for the 4 gongs that will be announced at the completion of Movember is really hotting up. To refresh your memory, you’ll be voting for:
1. The Sydney MO with the MOst – Awarded to the wearer of the most impressive mo in the Sydney office, as determined by popular vote.
2. ReMOte MO with the MOst – Awarded to the most impressive mo outside the Sydney office, as determined by popular vote.
3. The “Thanks for coming in today” encouragement award – Because, despite your best intentions, sometimes your follicles just refuse to co-operate (I can relate).
4. The MO’ MOney Award for the most successful fundraiser.

It’s your call
Not sure what’s going on with Sloat’s headshot this week, but I do know that Todd is looking scarier by the day. I’ve given up any hope of taking out Mo of the Week due to Charles’ motastic effort with his new horseshoe look.
This week we are putting you, the customers, in charge of selecting who is worthy of Mo of the Week. Check out the Mo Bro’s progress and cast your vote below using the embedded Wufoo form.

Did you know you can embed Wufoo forms in Confluence pages? Learn how.

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The Donation Situation
It’s so close! The San Franciscan’s are hot on the heels of the Mo Bro’s from Down Under. Stellar job by all, but someone needs to catch Andrew Rallings who’s currently sitting nicely to be awarded with the MO’Money Award, having single-handedly raised $625 to-date.

The Serious Stuff

Movember’s aim is for “everyone to know that men over the age of 50, and those over 40 with a family history, are at risk of prostate cancer and encourage them to be tested annually. Prostate cancer is curable if detected and treated early, however, there are normally no early symptoms underpinning the necessity of regular screening.”
They “also want everyone to know that testicular cancer is the most common cancer affecting men aged 18 – 35.”

To date, collectively Atlassian have raised $2,377 for the Prostate Cancer Foundation and the Lance Armstrong Foundation in the US, and The Prostate Cancer Foundation of Australia and beyondblue, in Australia.

If you would like to make a donation, Atlassian will match your contribution:

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