I’m going to keep this post short and sweet and let the results do all the talking.
Last week we opened up the voting for you to decide who should take home the three annual Atlassian Movember awards. You’ve had your say and the winners are…
The Sydney MO with the MOst
Confluence Developer, Jonathan Gilbert, took out this gong by the narrowest of margins with his Chevron stache.
Sydney MO with the MOst.png
The ReMOte MO with the MOst
Our BDM, Todd Revolt, was the favourite all along. He took it out with a staggering 43% of the vote with his porn star mo.
ReMOte MO with the MOst.png
Thanks for coming in today
I think this one might have been rigged (there’s no way I should have been in the top three), but nevertheless, can everyone please join me in saying to our Technical Sales Engineer, Kevin Williams, “thanks for coming in today, Kevin”.
Thanks for coming in today.png
Well that’s it for this year! Thanks to all the Mo Bro’s that participated and helped us raise ~$9,000 in support of men’s health. Also, we can’t forget to thank all the wives, girlfriends, and partners who put up with supported their men through Movember.
Until next year…what stache will you be growing?

Movember @ Atlassian: MO with the MOst Announcement