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Have you ever been told, ‘Don’t sweat the small stuff’? Our upcoming release of Confluence 4.3 will surely make you question that advice. While Confluence 4.3 will get attention for its headline-hogging features, it really wins with its finer details. You know, the small, daily wins that save you precious time, effort, mental headspace, and maybe even your hair (smile)

6 small improvements that make a BIG difference

When you put a lot of small things together you can come out with a big result. That’s exactly what you’ll get with Confluence 4.3, which satisfies over 900 customer votes on our public issue tracker. Here are six small improvements that go a long way to improving your Confluence experience.

1. New editor for Page Templates

No longer do you have to be a wiki markup master to create rich page templates. In Confluence 4.3 you’ll be able to create new and edit existing templates with the aid of the new rich content editor we shipped in Confluence 4.0. Not only do you get the richness and simplicity of the new editor, you also get some extra goodies including Page Layouts, Tasks, and variables that don’t require a degree in computer science to use (smile) Continue reading…

Rich Text Page Templates in Confluence Wiki by Atlassian

2. Table sorting and highlighting

With the editing experience light years ahead of what you’d seen in Confluence 3.x in Confluence 4.0, it was time to focus on helping you highlight and identify the important data in your tables in Confluence 4.3. Continue reading…

Table Sorting in Confluence Wiki by Atlassian


3. Set default permissions for new Spaces

Confluence Administrators now have complete control over the default permissions applied to newly created spaces. You’ll find a new menu item under the Users & Security section of the Confluence Admin console – you guessed it, Default Space Permissions. Continue reading…

Default Space Permissions in Confluence Wiki by Atlassian

4. Drag-and-Drop editing for images and macros

We’ve taken the simplicity of attaching and embedding files using drag-and-drop and made it just as easy to re-arrange images and macros in your pages, as you edit them. If you’re anything like me you’ve probably tried this before and wondered why it didn’t work. Well, come Confluence 4.3, it will. Continue reading…

5. Space archiving and attachment management

Were you one of the 118 customers who voted for the ability to archive Spaces? What about one of the 125 customers who requested the ability to remove specific versions of attached files? If that sounds like you, today is your day. Continue reading…

Archive Spaces in Confluence Wiki by Atlassian

6. Improved user management

In Confluence 4.2 we gave you the power to invite new users to join you in Confluence, but we didn’t stop there. In 4.3 you’ll find 3 more nuggets of awesome that are bound to make your lives as Confluence administrators a whole lot easier, starting with automatic email notifications for newly created users. Continue reading…

Improved User Management in Confluence Wiki by Atlassian

Confluence 4.3 is just days away

What started as a simple ‘dot’ release has grown to become one of our biggest releases ever that will help you curb the three productivity robbing culprits in the workplace. Stay tuned and get ready to rediscover your productivity with Confluence 4.3.

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