Confluence 4.3 has been released. Learn more!

The upcoming release of Confluence promises to be one of the biggest releases in Confluence’s history. I might be in marketing but I can assure you that’s no joke. Ryan’s already shared some of the improvements to the editor that make it even eaiser for users to create rich content. Now you might be asking where is the love for our hardened administrators? Well don’t worry guys, we haven’t forgotten about you.

In Confluence 4.2 we gave you the power to invite new users to join you in Confluence, but we didn’t stop there. In 4.3 you’ll find 3 more nuggets of awesome that are bound to make your lives as Confluence administrators a whole lot easier.

1. Give New Users a Warm Welcome

In Confluence 4.3 you can choose to automatically notify new users of their account so you don’t have to!

Oh, did I mention we made it dead simple for the lucky recipients of a new Confluence account to set their own passwords? Well we did 🙂

2. Even Easier User Invites

Extending the improvements we made with easy user invites in 4.2, we’ve given Confluence the power to send its own invite emails for you. If you don’t like Confluence’s tone, you can give the invite your own personal touch.

3. Secure, Domain Restricted Sign-ups

A new admin setting makes it possible to allow users with your corporate domain to sign-up for Confluence. Now anyone in your company, or one of your external stakeholders, can create an account for Confluence without having to bug you! Combine this with the new default space permissions configuration we shipped in Confluence 4.2.6 and your days of managing new account requests are numbered.

Once you have domain restricted sign-up enabled, it’s easy for your co-workers to create a new account from the login screen of your instance. Did someone say hallelujah?

Don’t worry, Confluence makes sure new sign-ups are the real deal.

We’re nowhere near done

There’s so much more coming your way in Confluence 4.3. Stay tuned for next week as Ryan will share some two improvements we’ve made, worth 243 of your votes, to help those of you that manage instances with lots of Spaces and attachments. Are you excited for Confluence 4.3?


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