cartoon-missle.pngQuestion: What do missiles, failed builds and developers have in common?
Answer: Bamboo

As we quickly learned in the recent Ultimate Wallboard contest, there is no shortage of ways to notify your team of events that require immediate action.  It was apparent that development teams wanted to put focus on failed
builds and the developers who broke them.

Notifications came in
different forms: build sirens, strings of lights, orbs…we thought the one below was creative.

Bamboo Punisher

Recently I came across an information radiator that provides a _different_ form of extreme feedback.

missile-launcher.pngIf a developer causes a build to fail a missile launcher conveniently
creeps over to the right position, points, aims and fires.  Don’t worry,
no one gets hurt.

The Bamboo Punisher setup includes:

  • Atlassian Bamboo
  • Linux machine to monitor the build
  • USB Missile Launcher

To see how the Bamboo Punisher hooks into Bamboo check out more details here.

Check out this video of a webcam attached to the Missile Launcher:

Hooks into Bamboo

There are different ways to hook into Bamboo – and this is just one of them.

Recently a fellow Atlassian wrote up instructions on how to connect an Arduino Board to Bamboo with the use of a Bamboo plugin. Bamboo has more than 30 module types, allowing you to hook into almost every part of your build process.

For a more light weight integration, you can simply use Bamboo’s REST API to access your build information and build your own custom information radiators.

How have you hooked into Bamboo?

How have you hooked into Bamboo? Let us know if you have any “cool” extreme feedback mechanisms out there that we may not know about.

Missiles + Failed Builds = Bamboo Punisher...