This post is part of a series on Atlassian HackHouse 2014, where graduate developers spend a week with Atlassian mentors hacking code and learning about the world of software development.

HackHouse 2014

This week we’ve taken our 18 new grads down to two beach houses on Sydney’s South Coast to learn the ropes from four Atlassian mentors. The Atlassian HackHouse is a unique onboarding experience for grads from around the world as they start their careers at Atlassian. The days will be broken up into workshop sessions on various topics – from plugin development to using the Atlassian Design Guidelines – followed by team building exercises and social time.

Investing time into our grads

I’ve been with Atlassian a little over two years now on the design team. We’ve been on a big design journey for those two years, and spending time with graduate developers will help us continue to deliver beautiful products and experiences for our customers.

I took up the opportunity to be a HackHouse mentor so we can reinforce the importance of design from day one. As a designer, we’re not just tasked with making sure our products are excellent; we also need to educate developers to become better designers. The HackHouse is a great opportunity to help the graduates realize the power and value of great design.

Being a mentor is primarily about educating and inspiring our grads to contribute to Atlassian straight after the induction period. Contribution could not be possible without embracing the cultural aspects of this environment. We believe that our company culture is the most important thing to ensuring we can deliver great software, so we’ve made sure that we’re available to answer every question the graduates have about joining our company and life at Atlassian.

Play, as a team

On the first day of HackHouse we split the graduates up into three teams. The teams were to complete a two and a half-hour challenge of assembling a cardboard F1 car with limited instructions and a box full of tools. The teams had to work together within the time limits to cut out the pieces, assemble the car, and decorate it before competing in a push cart-style race.



It’s been a great start to the 2014 HackHouse so far with a huge BBQ on the first night to finish off the day. Stay up to date with the HackHouse to see what’s going on!

Interested graduates or students finishing a degree in computer science or software engineering are encouraged to apply here for upcoming graduate and intern programs. All other candidates are encouraged to visit Atlassian’s careers page to learn more and apply for other openings.


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