Australians enjoy gambling, and there’s no bigger day on the Australian gambling calendar than the Melbourne Cup. This annual horserace literally “stops the nation” as every Australia citizen turns on the television to watch 3-minutes of thoroughbred action.

Other traditions associated with the Melbourne Cup include partying, silly hats and office sweeps. People contribute a few dollars to a sweep and are assigned a random horse in the race. They can then cheer on their gee-gee with increased vigor due to their personal stake in the outcome.

So, when it came time for an office sweep at Atlassian, developer Nick Menere put together a sweep using Jira!

First, a project was created for the sweeps. Then, the version field was used to allow multiple sweeps. Staff choose a ‘random’ horse (to be drawn later) and click the ‘Buy’ link to purchase their bet.


It’s quite amazing how Jira can be used!

Melbourne Cup 2011 – Atlassian style...