Ever wonder about the Atlassian working with you on your Jira or Confluence support issue? This Atlassian just might be Joachim Ooi, one of our Jira/Confluence Team Leads. Keep an eye out as this is the first interview in a series of blogs that will showcase the individual behind Atlassian’s legendary support!
Professional Side
How long have you been working for Atlassian?
This June (2011) I have been working for Atlassian for 3 years.

Why did you decide to work in the tech industry?
As this is my first job after graduating from university I thought why not simply try it out. It turns out to be an interesting job for me actually as I really love the interaction that I was engaging with customers from all over the world. I have also grown significantly in terms of technical and soft skills while learning to be a part of a global team.

In time working in Atlassian support, what’s the most outrageous thing a customer has told you?
There was this customer whom chatted with me a bit even after his issue had been resolved. Just trying to be friendly, I responded to his conversation. In the end I found out that he actually “Googled” for my name to see if my support name was my real name.

How many issues have you resolved since day 1 at Atlassian?
As of August 17th, 2011, I have completed 4263.

What products do you support?
Jira & Confluence.

How do you interact with the product development teams when resolving product issues?
Nowadays that we have a DOS (Developer On Support) role on rotation, we could consult them via internal chat or internal escalation on certain issues using our Atlassian Support System.

What is your favorite Atlassian product? Why?
I would still say I prefer Jira even though now that I have been cross-trained to do Confluence support. Like how people say you will never forget your first love!

What is your professional background?
As an Application Support Engineer my role involves technical and communication skills in resolving issues of various customers.

What are your special areas of expertise?
Someone once said that I have passion in what I do, hence in my work I tend to put in a lot of good interaction and communication with customers and colleagues to make sure that things turn out to be good.

Have you ever written code for any of Atlassian’s products?
Not professionally as I have only tried creating a plugin during my Jira training.

If you could change one thing in one any product (Atlassian or other), what would that be and why?
I wished to see a better and stable upgrade process especially in Confluence. It would be fantastic if we have like a “One-Click Upgrade Button” and the upgrade process will be completed without having any problems. There is no automated way in the current recommended method for Confluence upgrade, however we are expecting improvements in Confluence 4.0.

What application drives you nuts?

What advice would you give to anyone who is beginning a job in support? What about fellow people already in support?
To beginners I would simply suggest them to play around with the product that they are supporting. Nothing beats the fact that you know the product that you are supporting. Get some hands-on experience by doing more support cases. Practice makes perfect! To those who are already in support, it is important to keep on learning and improving ourselves to keep our fire for support jobs burning. Take up tougher cases, do some cross-training or simply participate in Support Projects. Adding sparks to your daily routine provides positive vibe!

What do you love most about Support? Specifically Atlassian Support?
The great culture is definitely my favorite. Having the chance to work with amazing teams from different region 24/7, communicating and sharing different knowledge’s and cultures globally is possibly one of the most amazing and enjoyable experience for me.

On A More Personal Note….
What would be your ideal job if you didn’t HAVE to work?
Traveling around the world by getting to know more people and learn about the cultures of different people. And become a “food hunter” of course (provided that I have loads of money)

What’s the one thing you love or are good at that you wish people knew more about?

What type of person are you: Dog or Cat? Mac or PC?
I’m a dog lover cause I have a Golden Retriever! At the moment I will still go for PC.

What’s your favorite food?
Penang Char Koay Teow. See link.

Where is the most amazing place you have ever traveled?
Sydney! Thanks to Atlassian, I was given a chance to work and train at our Sydney Office. Experiencing another city for a month is definitely different with short visits and tours.

What’s currently at the top of your “must accomplish this lifetime” list?
Call me a mama’s boy, but what I wish to do now is travel overseas with my mum. She has used up a big part of her lifetime to become a great mum and housewife, so definitely deserves a great vacation!

Want To Work With Joachim?
Atlassian is looking for Support Engineers all over the globe. We have open positions in San Francisco, Sydney and Amsterdam. Know of someone who would be a good fit? Refer-a-mate and get a free flight!

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