A few weeks ago, a couple videographers and I flew out to Boston to check out HubSpot, an inbound marketing software company, and one of Hipchat’s earliest (read: pre-Atlassian-acquisition) customers. To put that into context, HubSpot began using Hipchat when it looked more like this.


Walking into HubSpot for the first time, we felt at home. Oddly. Atlassian and Hubspot have little in common — they make marketing analytics tools, we make development tools — and we’re located on opposite ends of the country. But that’s where the differences end. We’re both growing ridiculously quickly. We both have kick-ass offices in gutted red brick buildings. We both have offices around the world. And above all: we both fiercely defend our founding principals of transparency and collaboration.

To achieve this, as it approaches the 500-person mark, HubSpot uses Hipchat to instantly communicate with anyone in the company, from marketing to engineering.

“The fastest way to reach another HubSpotter is through Hipchat,” HubSpot CIO, Jim O’Neill, told me.

But because of the nature of instant messaging, and the type of people Hubspot hires, you’ll find some lighthearted humor in these chatrooms as well. HubSpot has built a Hipchat bot using Github’s open source project, Hubot, which they’ve aptly named Wooster, after Bertie Wooster. Wooster can evaluate mathematical expressions, translate text, kick off new builds, and generate cat photos. My favorite command is a prompt that gives the daily special at a cult favorite deli around the corner, 2nd Street Cafe.

What does Wooster look like? See for yourself. We’ve created a short video showing how HubSpot uses Hipchat to communicate with anyone in the office in real-time; look out for a cameo appearance of Wooster!

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