Jira goes mobile

Jira 6 brings you a whole new mobile interface. With Jira mobile you can stay connected and update issues while on the go, so you’re never blocking your team. We focused on the core user stories that empower your teams to use Jira wherever, whenever.

With the enhanced issue navigator optimized for the PC and a new mobile interface, you can maximize your productivity, no matter the device.


When logging into Jira from a mobile web browser on an iPhone or Android device, Jira automatically directs the user to the mobile experience–no separate download or installation is required.


The default screen shows the issues assigned to you. To explore an issue, click on the issue’s summary. It couldn’t be easier! We’ve brought the most important attributes of an issue to the center of the screen so it’s easy to review, and take action on an issue remotely.

Email integration

When you’re away from the office, Jira mobile helps you stay connected. Jira’s powerful notification system sends email notifications when your team takes action on issues. When accessing an issue from your mobile email client, Jira loads the mobile optimized version so it’s easier to follow the conversation.


Taking Action on Issues

When life takes you away from the office, sometimes you still need to provide feedback so the team can keep working. Jira mobile enables you to perform three key actions on the go: assign, comment on, and watch issues. With Jira 6’s mobile interface, you can engage with issues via the actions drop down and comments.


Just like in the desktop version, assignment and comments drive action on issues. When you’re away from your team, changing the assignee lets someone else pick the issue up so it doesn’t stall out. You can lend your teammates relevant context by using @mentions and a short comment.

Follow with filters

Filters in Jira are like saved searches; they make it easy to follow a set of issues. Jira mobile brings your filters along with you so never have to lose touch with your team.


When we built Jira mobile, we focused on providing two sets of filters: out of the box filters to help you get started, and favorite filters. Use them to help you quickly find the issues most relevant for you and your team. The pre-configured filters show you the issues closest to you: assigned issues, reported issues, and issues viewed recently. Favorite filters are searches you can save in the desktop version of Jira and then access on your phone. You can create filters from the issue navigator using the simple search or using JQL.

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