We redesigned. We rebuilt. We listened to you.

We’re proud to announce that our new Mac app is open for beta testing. Written natively for Mac, it’s faster, lighter, and integrates deeply with OS X.

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We’re digging the beta native mac @hipchat here at @HubSpot. It’s what a redesign should be: an easier, faster version of what you replace.

Joshua Porter, Director of UX

What’s new in the native app?

Lots of stuff. On to the details!

1. Built for speed and performance

Everything is faster in the new app — signing in, loading conversations, sending messages, scrolling, even typing. Best of all, your Mac isn’t working harder. The new client uses almost a fifth of the CPU than the legacy AIR client. High-five.

Hipchat for Mac Stats

2. Vertical tabs

A new left sidebar organizes your chats vertically so you can have more than 3 times as many chats open at once. Every tab has the same amount of horizontal space so you can view the full names of all your open rooms and quickly see exactly which rooms require your attention.

Hipchat for Mac

The sidebar is great, scales much better than the tabs-on-top layout. Popovers for mentions and images are slick. And everything is fast and fluid.

Nick Farina, Co-founder

3. Mac OS X ready

A native Mac client opens the door to many awesome OS X features that improve your chat experience. Get your chat on with fullscreen mode, stay updated with your teammates through Apple’s notification center, and enjoy crystal clear display with Retina support.

Hipchat for Mac notifications

Download and give us your feedback


But seriously, the app is still in beta and there are some missing features coming but we wanted to get you the beta as quickly as we could. We’d greatly appreciate if you report any feedback or bugs.

Download Hipchat for Mac

New to Hipchat? Learn more.

Hey Linux and Windows Users – we haven’t forgotten you!

Native apps for Windows and Linux are on the way! Leave us your email address, and we’ll let you know as soon as they’re ready for beta testing.

Thank you for giving us Hipchat and at the same time, freeing us from the reply-all hell that is internal email. We use Hipchat as our primary way of communicating internally, and have integrated it into many of our business tools like order management.

Jess Andreas Olsen, Communicator

Meet Hipchat for Mac (beta) – Fast, fluid, n...