As a marketer, I like to think I understand the term Pragmatic Marketing, but it appears the folks at Splunk are taking that term to an entirely new level.
Christina Noren, VP Product Management at Splunk, recently wrote a blog post on Automating and opening up product planning. Their product development process was already going fast, but now they’re going to kick into turbo as they move to a scrum-based model.
That in turn has given them a reason to review and revamp the product management process. In so doing, Jira becomes a central player. Here’s a longer quote from her post describing some of the modifications they’re making to Jira to improve upon transparency and agility:

So the experiment: We’re hacking Jira, our bug tracking system, in order to automate the entire product planning and marketing process and facilitate real-time communication back to customers, internal stakeholders and even the community at large via our public roadmap.

We’re leveraging Jira’s capabilities to create custom issues and workflows in order to reproduce the essentials of pragmatic marketing’s “requirements that work framework, the bible on effective product management.

Anyone made any similar changes to their product development process? Give Christina a shout, she’d like to hear from you. Her contact information is at the end of her post.

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