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If you’re a Jira user, you know that Jira is an excellent tool for project tracking, but there’s always room for improvement. Jira can always get more efficient or better customized to your workflow. For example, imagine you are used to doing your documentation as Word documents with references to Jira issues. Imagine creating one template, with a specific layout, format and keywords and in the click of a button generate a final document full of issues. Cool right?

In addition to making you more efficient by automating the task I described above, Xporter for Jira by XpandIT allows you to customize that final document with a specific structure and elements like images, tables, and more. In a few seconds you can export Jira issues in a fast and simple way, presenting them in templates fully aligned with your corporate image. This solution is a simple way to increase business agility in the data export process.

In short, Xporter for Jira allows you to:

  • Export Jira issues to a PDF or .docx files
  • Configure templates per project, issue type, project roles and users
  • Select templates for multi-issue export
  • Install sample templates
  • Use docx, docm, dotx and dotm files as templates
  • Export subtasks fields
  • Export images attached to issues.


It’s simple to create your templates in docx files with special placeholders, and watch as they’re transformed for you by the add-on automatically! Allow me to demonstrate how you use Xporter for Jira to export issues in seconds.

Managing Templates

Xporter for Jira templates are managed in Jira Administration. Go to the Manage Plugins > Xporter for Jira > Manage Xporter for Jira > Manage templates. Here you can upload and remove templates and set templates permissions, like which templates should be displayed for a project, issue type, user, etc.

Managing Permissions

The options available for permission management are: Select projects with Xporter for Jira enabled roles or users for Jira access, Issue Types, Assign Templates to Issue Types.

Using the Add-on

Xporter for Jira supports:

  • Mappings: To use a mapping, just open Microsoft Word and type use the following notation anywhere in the document: ${<Keyword>}. For more information check the Plugin Documentation.
  • Custom Field Mapping: Xporter for Jira supports custom fields. To use your own defined custom fields, just use the same notation:  ${<Custom field name>}.
  • Subtask Mapping: You can also render fields from issue subtasks. The notation is: ${Subtasks[n].Field} where n is the index of the Subtask, starting from 0.
  • JavaScript: Finally, the add-on allows rendering text based in Javascript. The notation is: %{<Javascript>}.

All this information is explained in more detail in the Plugin Documentation, but it’s very simple.

Exporting Data

There are two ways to export data:

Single Issue Export

When Xporter for Jira is enabled for a project, issue type and user, the Xporter for Jira section will appear on the right side of the screen, as highlighted below. To export the issue based on template, just select the template from the drop-down box and click the export button.

Multiple Issue Export

Exporting multiple issues is achieved using the Bulk Change operation as shown below:

The X Factor: Xporter Plugin

The Xporter for Jira team has plans to support Microsoft PowerPoint and Excel in upcoming releases. They encourage you to contact them with suggestions for other data formats to export Jira issues into. Just email them.

You can find great add-ons like Xporter for Jira in the Atlassian Marketplace.

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