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Confluence is the must-have collaboration tool for teams that don’t like wasting time and want to get things done. But teams are distributed over multiple locations or even around the globe. Connecting people efficiently is becoming more important than ever before. In a social intranet, user profiles are a key feature. Usable, searchable, and updated user profiles are essential for finding, contacting, and collaborating with colleagues. The Communardo User Profile Plugin enhances Confluence with several features:

  • Build expert profiles by adding well-structured information into additional profile fields
  • Synchronize with user directories (Active Directory, LDAP)
  • Find colleagues and experts with enhanced search capability in user profiles


Easily customize additional elements for user profiles

By default, user profiles are limited in Confluence. The User Profile Plugin enables administrators to add their own profile elements. This allows users to provide extra information (e.g. phone numbers, organizational data, skills, responsibilities, and interests). Different field types are available like text fields or user fields (to create links between users or to select fields), where the administrator pre-defines various options for a profile field from which the user may select.

Display of user profiles

Two macros are available to help you embed the expanded profile information inside pages or blog posts. With the enhanced-profile macro, user profiles can be displayed in various degrees of detail. The profilelist macro shows all user profiles that match a provided criterion, for example, all the employees of a specific location or team.

The user profiles that are displayed in Confluence by default (as in the personal space or in a user hover) are exchanged to have expanded user profiles everywhere.

Synchronize with LDAP Directories

The User Profile Plugin allows synchronization of user data with user directories connected via LDAP (e.g. your Active Directory). Any element of the user profile can be mapped to attributes from your user directories from the configuration menu.This helps you, the user, keep profile information up to date.

Search user profiles based on the data of all elements

The User Profile Plugin also makes all elements of the user profile searchable. This includes data entered by users and synchronized information from LDAP user directories–for all elements. Hits are displayed as a link to the respective user profile in the search result list. In the following example, a user was found through his phone number.

And if you are looking for someone in your company to be your new tennis partner, search Hobby:tennis. Experts on work subjects as well as new friends are all around you – now you can find them easily!

The X Factor

The Communardo User Profile Plugin enhances Atlassian Confluence with a flexible, adjustable user profile structure. The X-Factor is the synchronization of user data with user directories connected via LDAP (e.g. your Active Directory). Your profile information is always kept up to date.

What’s coming next?

Communardo is currently planning organization charts–to be released at the end of the year. In addition, they are continuously improving existing features –e.g. with more configuration parameters for the profile list macro.

You can find great add-ons like the User Profile Plugin in the Atlassian Marketplace.

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