This is the first post in a new Atlassian blog series, Marketplace Mondays. Each week, we profile one great add-on available in the Atlassian Marketplace–where you can try and buy more than a thousand add-ons for Atlassian products.

This week, we’re looking at one of the most-downloaded, highest-grossing plugins in the Marketplace: Tempo for Jira, a time-tracking solution from TM Software. Tempo gives employees, managers, and executives powerful time tracking tools to promote efficiency and better understand their business. The tight Jira integration means employees have a painless way to edit timesheets and log work from within Jira issues, while managers get the information they need to plan projects and organize their teams.

Tempo is for

  • Account managers can group tasks from multiple Jira projects under one Tempo account, get PDF reports for individual accounts, review and approve timesheets, and set account budgets right from Jira.
  • Employees, who can log work on individual Jira issues, then review and edit their worklogs. Tempo offers a workflow to send timesheets to admins for approval at the end of each period.
  • Tracking expenditure items like employee hours, vacation time, or sick leave, all of which can be matched to billing keys (a custom Jira field) to accurately bill clients.
  • Executives, who can get an overview of their entire organization to see the big picture and allocate teams accordingly, while also drilling down to get detailed reports of information logged with Tempo.

What’s new

The Tempo team launched Tempo 7 back in March, which brought an overhauled UI and took advantage of new capabilities in Jira 5.

Here is some of the cool new stuff they’ve added recently:

  • real-time time tracker that acts as a stopwatch for any Jira issue
  • the ability to set monthly (or any custom time period) budgets for accounts
  • export reports to Excel and PDF
  • internal time tracking, including meetings, vacation, and sick days
  • an improved timesheet approval workflow, including the ability to select a reviewer
  • Tempo Labs, a tool for previewing new features in Tempo and leaving feedback
  • Turkish and Russian support, extending Tempo to ten languages overall, combined with English, French, German, Polish, Spanish, Portuguese, Italian, and Czech

What’s coming

For the upcoming release of Tempo 7.3, their team is working on user, team, and account gadgets to leverage the power of Jira dashboards. User gadgets allow employees to view their planned and logged hours in a variety of formats, including on Jira wallboards. Team gadgets provide an overview of an entire teams timesheet, which is great for tracking progress and allocating resources. Finally, account gadgets provide an overview of hours logged for an individual account to assist with billing and budgeting.

The X Factor

Perhaps what makes Tempo such a powerful solution is that, like Jira, it’s flexible enough to meet a variety of different organizational needs and solve a wide array of problems. Check out this guest blog post from last month on how Nýherji, an Icelandic IT services provider, uses Jira and Tempo as an organizational help desk.

You can now get great add-ons like Tempo straight from the plugin manager within Jira, Confluence, or our developer tools. If you’re running UPM 1.6 or later, just check the plugin manager to update to the latest version. Otherwise, download it manually from the Atlassian Marketplace. Read more about the awesome updates the Atlassian Ecosystem team is bringing to the add-on experience!

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