Tuncay Senturk, the developer behind this week’s Marketplace Monday add-on, has been working on his Jira Enhancer Plugin for over six years. Jira Enhancer extends Jira‘s capabilities with a powerful set of custom fields. The 21 custom fields capture a ton of data that can better inform your dev team’ss project tracking. Most of the fields cover are related to issue state changes–it can also log the information about issue state changes into reports, which can provide the full history of an issue.

Custom Fields

Jira Enhancer offers 21 enhanced custom fields, including:

  •  First and last closed date/user
  •  First and last resolution date/user
  •  First and last reopening date/user
  •  First and last “in progress” date/user
  •  First and last comment date/user
  •  Reopening counter that counts how many times the issue has been reopened

In addition, it offers search capability for all the custom fields above and exposes the field values via the REST API.

Issue Tab Fields

On top of the custom fields mentioned above, Jira Enhancer also creates issue tab fields to visualize even more of these data. The first tab, Reopenings History, shows the time and users that have resolved and reopened an issue in a table.

The other issue tab field available, Stateoscope, offers a highly visual issue state change history, as you can see in the screenshot below.


Jira Enhancer also includes the User/Group History Report. This powerful all-in-one report creates a tabular overview of all the issues in a given project or filter over a specified period. You can fine tune the report to a single user or group of users. Once you’re set up, you have a table showing the issues, summaries, and dates of change. It’s a great way for admins or project managers to see where the action has been for a group of issues.

The X-Factor: Custom reporting fields

In upcoming versions, Jira Enhancer will support custom reporting fields, such as building your own state counters (closing counter, resolving counter, ..). This will even work with organizations’ custom fields, to support your own customized workflows.

Jira Enhancer Customers

eBay, Deutsche Bank, BNP Paribas, Mozilla, Netflix, Inc., Avaya Inc., SpringSource (a division of VMware), Autodesk, Inc., Disney Interactive, Michelin, WB Games and more!

You can find great add-ons like Jira Enhancer in the Atlassian Marketplace.

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