With Enterprise Directory and Org Chart in Confluence, you can finally say good-bye to the tattered phone/email/people list tacked up on your wall. Reclaim that space for art projects by your kids — not the office list! As your company grows, that list grows. As the company changes, an updated Excel spreadsheet arrives in your email, to be printed again – sometimes many times a week! Or, worse, the update never arrives. Instead people and names are scribbled on, or unscrupulously written in or scratched out as people are promoted, or leave, or join the organization.

Confluence was built for teams to collaborate–starting with knowing who the team is and how to contact them. And that’s where the Enterprise Directory and Org Chart in Confluence plugin comes in.

What does it do?

Enterprise Directory and Org Chart in Confluence is a Confluence plugin that pulls in the corporate address book right where you can really use it: Confluence.

Here are the key features:

  • Integrates directly with your Corporate LDAP or Active Directory.
  • Access the Enterprise Directory from your Confluence “Browse” menu.
  • Filtered and sortable table columns and searched — by Last Name, First Name, Department, or Location.
  • Include the “Lookup User” to embed a lookup search bar in context to any Wiki page.
  • When you include the “Org Chart” macro in your department’s wiki space, upon clicking on a name in the chart, the user’s direct reports are listed (and by clicking on a name, you can jump to that person’s user profile for more information).

From those who know

See what some of the customers are saying:

O. Meador, Decypher (Sept 16, 2012):

We have been using this plugin for over six months. It works great and provides connectivity within our enterprise. Appfusions is very helpful with setup, but if you know LDAP it is not hard to get going. Once it is setup it works like a charm.

J. Beckett, Initiative Legal Group (Sept 6, 2012):

For any company using Active Directory and/or LDAP, this is an extremely useful plugin. Developers are very responsive and very helpful. It’s not plug and play, but with assistance from the developers, implementation was not difficult and we have an instant company directory that we can display on our intranet.

What’s Coming

Here are some of the additional features that AppFusions is considering adding to the Enterprise Directory and Org Chart roadmap.

  • Click to IM
  • Click to Skype
  • Built in pictures
  • Directory pulled from a card key system

The X Factor

Appfusions is very responsive to customer requests and if your organization is interested in a particular feature for this plugin, they just might build it. If you need it, there’s a good chance someone else does too. Tell them what you’re looking for.

AppFusions kicked off their annual “Monster Sale” on September 16, and Enterprise Directory and Org Chart is included in that sale (as are a slew of their other plugins!)

From now until the biggest “Monster Holiday” of the year–Halloween–this great plugin is on sale for 50% off. (The already marked-down prices are shown on the Marketplace.)

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