Here at Atlassian, we’re particularly stoked about this week’s Marketplace Monday add-on. Why? It offers one of the most intuitive and powerful user experiences for reporting and charting Jira data that we’ve seen. EazyBI began as a web-based business intelligence tool for users tired of paying high prices for hard-to-use enterprise BI software. Enter eazyBI. It integrated data from disparate data sources, offered flexible reports, and allowed you to add data with a drag-and-drop user interface.

While you could always import Jira data into the eazyBI service from both standalone and OnDemand Jira installations, eazyBI creator Raimonds Simanovskis took this one step further by creating a Jira plugin that makes the integration even easier. It allows you to use all of eazyBI’s awesome capabilities on your own server, behind the firewall. You can also use Jira user and group permissions to manage access to the plugin.

BI Made Easy

If your organization is anything like our teams at Atlassian, Jira is a respository for a host of critical business information. How many features are in development at any given time? How quickly are they getting done? How many bugs are getting created? What is the distribution of different types of bugs? Priority levels? Are some projects doing better than others? EazyBI brings data from Jira, other third-party applications, and your own CSV files into one web application.

Your imported data is organized into cubes–multidimensional pieces of data, such as “Sales” or “Issues”. Each data cube is then broken out into its different dimensions–project, priority, reporter, resolution type, or any number of other Jira fields, including custom fields. As you go about creating your reports, you can drag these dimensions into rows and columns to multidimensional visualizations of your data. This drag and drop interface is an intuitive way to quickly build your Jira data into meaningful reports.

Once you’ve selected your dimensions, you can choose your chart type–table, bar, line, pie, timeline, or Gantt and the application will instantly display your data. As you build your chart, you can rearrange rows and columns, add or remove data elements, and quickly filter down just the data you want (such as only major or blocker priority issues, or only “Feature” issue types).

You’ll be impressed by how customizable your reports are in eazyBI, and how much faster you can create and share them when they update on the fly. You don’t have to make all your selections in advance and reload a page each time–the charts update asynchronously as you add, remove, and modify data.

Get the visibility you need

Once you’ve created your eazyBI reports and charts, you can display them in one of two ways: eazyBI dasbhoards or on your Jira dashboard.

EazyBI dashboards use the same drag-and-drop UI that you use to create your charts to create your dashboards. Simply add charts to the dashboard and rearrange them using drag and drop. You can resize, align, and preview reports before you publish your dashboard. Once published, you can share it with other users or make copies to continue iterating.

The add-on has a tight integration back into Jira. You can take any of the reports or charts on your eazyBI dashboard and publish them as Jira gadgets to use in your personal, team’s, or organization’s Jira dashboard. Additionally, as you work with reports, you can click on any reporter, component, project, assigne,or individual issue and choose “Go to source” to be quickly linked back to the piece of Jira data in question.

Benefits of the Jira Plugin

For organizations running Jira behind the firewall, there are three great reasons to use the eazyBI Reports and Charts plugin for Jira.

  1. You get great BI software, on premises, for an amazing price. This means you don’t have to upload your sensitive business data to a hosted service and can run it on the same server or cluster that your Jira instance runs on, even if you’re not connected to the internet.
  2. You can take advantage of your existing Jira user configurations to securely manage access to data on the eazyBI plugin.
  3. You can get up to date reporting and visualization of your data without the time investment of frequently uploading your data or copying it into a new database. The plugin handles it for you.

The X Factor

Database Connections

EazyBI for Jira reduces server load on your Jira database by storing information in a separate database on the same server. It now supports PostgresQL, MySQL, and MS SQL databases. After performing your initial import of Jira data, you can choose how frequently to update from the Jira database and which custom fields to import.

You can find great add-ons like eazyBI Jira Reporting and Charts Plugin in the Atlassian Marketplace.

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