This is the second post in our Marketplace Monday blog series. Each week, we profile one great add-on available in the Atlassian Marketplace–where you can try and buy more than a thousand add-ons for Atlassian products.

Creately is a full-fledged diagramming add-on for Confluence at a great price, making it one of the best values in the Atlassian Marketplace. Creately’s easy interface is perfect for quickly expressing ideas as flowcharts, diagrams, wireframes, mindmaps, Gantt charts, or pretty much any other visual you can dream up. Seamless integration with Confluence and Jira means that your diagrams look sharp embedded in Confluence pages or Jira issues.

Creately is for

  • Project planners, who can schedule features, bug fixes, and other aspects of the product lifecycle in Gantt charts. They can develop concept diagrams and flow charts to create rich product and feature specifications for their teams in Confluence.
  • Systems architects and software developers can jump into the nitty-gritty of complex plans with UML, DB and network diagrams, sitemaps, and user flows.
  • Business analysts, managers, administrators and anyone else in an organization who needs to express ideas or structures visually, whether it be a SWOT analysis, an org charts, or office layout.

Diagrams help get the point across really easily. Used correctly, they can condense lots of text into a simple diagram. Creately has more than 1000 shapes, and customers have the ability to search for thousands more via Google Images and iconFinder.

Creately is flexible enough to be used in a vast array of contexts, but particularly excels inside the software development lifecycle. Creately 1.7, released in mid-July, came loaded with performance enhancements, new context menus, a settings page to configure diagramming defaults, and an Amazon Web Services object library.

The Creately Viewer

The Creately Viewer in Confluence allows you to connect multiple pages and diagrams into one widget, making your Confluence page more manageable and retaining your styling. The HTML widget means you can hover over the viewer to show a Creately toolbar, which allows you to pan and zoom from the Confluence page. It also supports clickable diagrams outside of the editor, along with download and social sharing buttons. Check out the demo below.

The X Factor

Creately is built for speed.

  • Creately cuts drawing time with adaptive features for each diagram type. From UI Mockups to UML and Flowcharts, each type has shortcuts and smart features dramatically speed up the draw time compared to other diagramming products
  • Creately is connected to an online repository of templates and example diagrams. Thousands of diagrams are ready to be reused and adapted anyone who is trying to draw a diagram.

You can now get great add-ons like Createlystraight from the plugin manager within Jira, Confluence, or our developer tools. If you’re running UPM 1.6 or later, just check the plugin manager to update to the latest version. Otherwise, download it manually from the Atlassian Marketplace. Read more about the awesome updates the Atlassian Ecosystem team is bringing to the add-on experience!

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