Ladies and Gentlemen GreenHopper 4.2 is now available! Less than a month after the release of 4.1 we’re back at it with some cool new features we think you’re going to love.
In GreenHopper 4.2 we debut markers and shift select functionality. Markers are similar to a bookmark but are used to delineate a projects backlog. Configuring a marker for your project will enable a team to see what stories in their backlog could fit in the next sprint, this can then be used to assist in prioritising issues and planning sprints.
GreenHopper Planning Board with marker for story points
Shift-Select Cards
In addition to the marker we have introduced shift-select functionality for Firefox, Safari and Chrome users. Unfortunately Internet Explorer does not support the same Javascript as these other browsers but Internet Explorer users will still see revised control-select functionality.
See markers and shift-select in action!

We used both of these features during our recent recent 4.3 planning session and found them of immense value. We hope you do as well!
GreenHopper 101
In case you have not seen it there is a brilliant new guide for those new to GreenHopper and looking to get started quickly, have a look at the GreenHopper 101 guide if this is you.
Bugs Squashed
I must also point out that we resolved a few issues with the 4.0 and 4.1 releases, in particular the sort on the Task Board. If you have been experiencing issues or awaiting for this to be resolved prior to upgrading then now is the time to take another look at GreenHopper.
New Teammate!
Last but not least, welcome to Martin Jopson who has joined the GreenHopper team. Martin is a CSS & HTML guru and will be working on the front end of GreenHopper, keep an eye out for some changes in the new year.
Try it today!
Download GreenHopper 4.2 right now to upgrade or get started with a free 30-day evaluation. If you need instant gratification, you can also check out our online trial (also free for 30 days) or play around with our live sandbox.
As always, feedback is welcome and expected – reach us via the forum, Twitter, an Atlassian Event, or JAC.

Markers arrive in GreenHopper 4.2!