Every time a new person starts at Atlassian, they’re assigned a buddy. This buddy is usually an Atlassian veteran, who is there to help the new hire settle in and feel comfortable during their first couple weeks at the company. They answer questions, introduce them to other Atlassians, and even get to treat the newcomer to a welcome lunch on the company dime! Our Talent department makes the buddy system really easy by posting tips and guidelines on Confluence for everyone to reference.

For the latest installment of our Question of the Month series, I’ll show you how Confluence Questions helped clarify the Buddy system for Atlassians.

Simple questions, easy answers

As I said above, one of the best parts of the buddy system is that you get to go out for a nice lunch and the company pays for it. Our question this month has to do with paying for that lunch, and comes from Anna Katrina Dominguez, a developer on the Jira Service Desk team.



Anna asked, “How do I get reimbursed for a buddy lunch?”



Anna had already done her homework; she checked the Confluence page about the Buddy System before posting her question. She added a link to the relevant page and a quote from it so any potential answerer would know the page didn’t have all the information she needed.

She got an answer that same day from a member of the Talent team, Stephanie Fontaine, who addressed Anna’s two specific points of confusion.



Anna got the correct answer to her question, so she accepted Stephanie’s answer and was able to move on with getting reimbursed for her buddy lunch. Accepted answers have a green check mark so future visitors don’t waste any time finding the information they need.

Helpful now, valuable forever

This may seem like a simple exchange of information, but it’s a great example of a question that many people encounter once and would waste time figuring out who to ask. The Talent team would probably hear this same question over and over again. Now, when someone is looking for information on the buddy lunch and does a search in Confluence, they’ll see Anna’s question alongside the relevant Confluence pages:



For questions with specific answers, accepted answers makes life easy for people in the future with the same question. They can quickly find a question through search, see the accepted answer right away, and get on with their work, saved from a blocker.

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