Fellow Social Media Today contributor Luis Suarez writes about a survey on wiki use in business being conducted by Penny Edwards of the Open University, UK. The survey aims to gather information from current business wiki users on how they use and manage it in different environments. From Penny:
“Penny Edwards is working on a study regarding managing wikis in business as part of her MBA Technology Management research with the Open University, UK. She has published a survey about wiki management on her wiki, focusing on people who use or manage wikis in the business environment. The survey takes approximately 10 minutes to complete. If you would like to help out, follow the link (http://pennyedwards.net/tiki-list_surveys.php) and fill in the survey. Your participation would be much appreciated.”
This is a great way to contribute ideas based on your own wiki use, and see what others are doing. The more people contribute to the survey, the better, because we’ll all benefit from getting a really accurate picture of current wiki use in organizations.

Managing Wikis in Business Survey...