One of Jira’s biggest strengths has been its flexibility when it comes to setting up a project that maps to your processes. From issue types to permissions, fields to workflows, Jira affords a huge amount of customisability to let you tweak how issues behave.

However, with all this power and flexibility, the project administration interface of Jira can be intimidating; especially when it comes to setting up projects for the first time and getting off the ground.

Jira Admin Luv

Continuing on our user experience journey, the development team has been hard at work simplifying the lives of our Jira Administrators. From the get go, we know this is a difficult problem – with the user interface driven by a complex set of dependent objects defining how projects behave.


We approached the problem with the focus to simplify how a project is set up, without compromising on the flexibility that the current Jira interface provides.

Today, we are happy to share our first working prototype of the new Jira Project Configuration. The prototype is available as a plugin via the Atlassian Plugin Exchange (and of course, your Jira Universal Plugin Manager).

Once turned on, the  will replace the existing project details page in the administration of Jira. You can switch back to the existing project details page at any time.

Visualise Project Configuration

At this stage, the working prototype is read-only, providing a new way to visualise the settings for your project, such as notifications, permissions (below), issue types, workflows, fields and screens.


Many functionalities, including changing the settings, do not yet work. However, we will continue to work on this prototype, so please stay tuned as we will provide regular updates.

Let us know what you think

prototype-prompt.pngI invite you to download the Jira Project Configuration Prototype Plugin today and give it a go. We would love to hear your feedback and suggestions about the design, where we are headed, what works for you, what doesn’t work. The best way to provide feedback is to go to our issue tracker and leave a comment.

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