Do you have content in your wiki that you want to share with others that don’t have an account? Well, using Confluence you can make that content publicly accessible to anyone, without affecting your licensing costs.

What do you mean?

Just last week I was having an email conversation with a prospective Confluence customer that the ConfluenceGuru was helping on Twitter. He asked me to clarify Confluence’s licensing model. The conversation went like this:

Customer: Say, we have only 100 content editors (those who can log in). Only these 100 who can edit, update and delete the content. We have an unlimited number of site visitors (could be 100 could be 5000) come to the knowledgebase for answers to their questions. We would only need a 100 user license?

Me: You are spot on. You would only need a 100 user license.

Customer: This is a big difference and advantage to Confluence over ‘insert open source wiki here’. Glad you clarified.

How does that work?!

Confluence allows you to enable anonymous access. This means that visitors can come to your Confluence site and view the Dashboard without logging in.


Global Permissions

You can use Confluence’s space permissions to determine which spaces these anonymous users are able to view.


Space Permissions

Why would I want to do that?
Out of our 8,100 Confluence customers there are a number that use Confluence as their public website. You can go visit their website without logging in, but you won’t be able to create or edit anything. Below is an example of Confluence being used as a website with anonymous access enabled.

Others, including Atlassian, use Confluence to publish their public facing documentation to their customers. All the spaces on Atlassian’s documentation site are viewable by anonymous users, but only Atlassian staff have the permission to create and edit content within them.


Try it yourself
Not using Confluence yet? Try it free for 30 days, download or hosted. If you don’t want to start a trial, get your hands dirty in the Confluence sandbox.

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