Nothing helps you get things done quite like the right Jira workflow. Emma Rush from Adaptavist gave a great talk at Summit about how she used the Jira workflow to improve productivity, visibility, and reporting for her own projects.

Mastering Jira Workflows

Emma learned the underlying concepts at my own talk at Summit 2010, then mocked up her process for creating a large number of short videos in a searchable library. She used Jira to increase visibility, delegate tasks, and ultimately spend more time creating content and less time managing the project itself. Watch the full video of her talk below.

From Mockup to Production

Emma used mockup tools to plan her workflow before implementation, but you won’t need them. Atlassian’s Jonathan Doklovic gives a full demo of how you can replicate Emma’s process faster and easier with the Visual Workflow Designer, which is free in Jira 4.4! To see it in action, jump straight to Jonathan’s demo here. To get your hands on the workflow designer, download Jira 4.4 beta today!


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