This is a guest blog post from Parature, a Sponsor at Atlassian Summit 2012.

When there’s an issue with your brand’s products or services, customers get angry. When customers get angry, they contact support. When customers contact support, the support team complains to engineering. When the support team complains to engineering, engineering says they’ll take care of the issue quickly. When engineering says quickly, it’s never as quickly as support promised the customer. When the customer gets antsy, they go on Facebook and complain. And when customers complain on Facebook, they churn up a complaint tsunami. Don’t drown in a complaint tsunami.

Parature’s Jira integration allows for improved collaboration and issue progress and resolution tracking between support agents working in Parature and developers working in Jira by automatically creating Jira issues from Parature tickets and updating information between the two systems.

Major Benefits:

  • Create a new Jira issue from a Parature ticket
  • Link a Parature ticket to an existing Jira issue
  • Map Parature ticket fields to Jira issue fields
  • Automatically update or resolve Parature tickets by updating, resolving Jira issues
  • In Parature, a Jira issue is automatically created and Jira fields are automatically populated when a Parature user clicks the “Send to Jira” button in their Actions navigation.
  • Delight customers with impressively knowledgeable and efficient service.

 View Parature to Jira Integration on the Atlassian Plugin Exchange.

Meet Parature at the 2012 Atlassian Summit

Parature is a sponsor and exhibitor at Atlassian’s fourth annual user conference. Stop by Booth #28 to meet the team and discuss Parature to Jira use cases.

Come to Atlassian Summit 2012 to visit Parature and 34 other sponsors. It’s going to be our largest user conference yet!

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