Atlassian is sponsoring Sydney’s first Launch48!
Launch48 is a weekend for anyone interested in creating an online business. The goal is to pitch ideas, form ad-hoc teams around them, build and then launch in just 48 hours.
You should definitely come along if you have any skills in:
* Software
* Design
* Marketing
* Legal
* Finance

Some previous success stories:

Why is Atlassian sponsoring?

Atlassian’s history is much a startup story. Our founders, Mike Cannon-Brookes and Scott Farquhar, funded Atlassian with just a $10k credit card. Both are now part of Startmate, providing other founders with mentorship and seed financing.

While reading about Launch48, you might remember Atlassian ShipIt Days. Both have the goal of building something and getting it into customer hands as quickly as possible.


Like ShipIt, Launch48 is an outlet for ideas that you just don’t have enough time to do day-to-day. Having these time-limited events is a great way of releasing that pent-up innovation.

We’re really happy to have the opportunity to help like-minded people get together and create some more awesome Sydney startups.


We will be starting 6pm Friday, October 28th and finishing on 9pm Sunday, October 30th. Take a look at the schedule and get your tickets from the Launch48 website.

If you’re interested in hearing more about Launch48 in Sydney, follow @launch48au.
I’ll also be participating so if you’re interested in hearing from someone working on a Launch48 startup, you can follow me and read about my experience.

Launch48 coming to Atlassian Sydney...