San Francisco, CA (PRWEB) June 7, 2011 – At the annual Atlassian Summit 2011 conference today, Atlassian announced new versions of Fisheye and Crucible. Fisheye 2.6, a source code collaboration tool, and Crucible 2.6, a peer code review application, are now available to download. Fisheye’s new Commit Graph feature gives development teams a new and unprecedented view into their projects.

Atlassian Fisheye and Crucible are used by thousands of companies in dozens of countries across Fortune 1000, public enterprise, science and technology sectors. Fisheye and Crucible are used by software development teams for collaborating, improving code quality, visualizing source code, and generating reports on commits and committers. The Atlassian tools support widely used source code repositories including, Subversion, Git, Perforce, ClearCase, CVS, and Mercurial.

“The new Commit Graph feature in Fisheye is a powerful visualisation tool to help you understand your repositories better,” said Mike Cannon-Brookes, Atlassian CEO and Co-founder. “Both tools have gotten a tremendous makeover that will give developers even greater insight into their code.”

New Features in Fisheye – The Commit Graph

The Commit Graph introduces a new way to visualize code repositories and commits with a graphical representation of the source, including both centralized and distributed version control systems. For large or distributed code repositories, Commit Graph helps managers, individuals, and teams gather tremendous insight into their evolving code base. In turn, this information can be used to better manage commits, help teams understand the myriad contributions from developers on a project, and resolve bugs more quickly.

The Commit Graph allows users to easily create filters for view branches, bug fixes, and the master, browse branches and merges, and understand where changesets come from and where they ended up. Git and Mercurial users are able to see if bug fixes have been merged back to the master.

In addition to the Commit Graph, Fisheye contains dozens of new features and updates such as a new Jira user management, a fresh dashboard and navigation improvements.

Crucible 2.6 Features

Crucible provides software development teams an efficient way to benefit from the power of constant code review. Some of Crucible’s popular code review features include inline commenting, simple workflow, asynchronous reviews, email and RSS notifications and Jira integration.

Crucible 2.6 contains dozens of new benefits for enhanced usability including improved quick search to help users find information faster, enterprise database support of Oracle DBMS and Microsoft SQL Server 2005 and 2006, and new HTML notification emails.

New pricing

Fisheye and Crucible pricing has also been adjusted. The Starter license edition remains just $10; Atlassian has lowered the team edition pricing and added a new tier. The 10-user tier is only $800 (dropping $400), and the new 50-user tier is just $2,200.

Free evaluations of Fisheye and Crucible 2.6 can be downloaded on the Atlassian website.

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