All contests must come to an end, but you still have a little more time to get your last minute entry in for the Bamboo Task Master Challenge.

There is still time

What is a Task?

Bamboo Tasks can create integrations with the apps you use every day, like Google App Engine, Heroku, Ruby on Rails and heaps more. We have already seen great submissions featuring integrations with Twitter and Twilio – what will your Task do? .

How do I enter?

Write a Task & tell us why it’s great! We even give you handy tutorials that answer, “What is a Bamboo Task?“, how to write one and introduce the Tasks API.

How long does it take?

Every Task is different depending on the integration you are trying to achieve – for several customer they completed their Task in a few hours.  If you need help post your question on Atlassian Answers and we will try to get you going quickly.

The entries

So far we have seen some great entries and some very creative ideas about Tasks that have been throw our way. Check out some of these cool integrations:


Your virtual machines which are used for tests shouldn’t be powered all the time – start and stop them when necessary with the Bamboo VMware Task.

Watch a video of VMware task in action.


This plugin is awesome for those of you running building open source or public libraries or public Bamboo instances. Use the Bamboo Tweet Task to automatically tween when a new version has just been built.

For those of you who may not want to tweet publicly you could also connect your Bamboo instance to a twitter account which can only be viewed by your developers to add another notification method for your team.


Sometimes you just need to make 100% sure you are notified of a build failures – SMS anyone? Bamboo Sesame Tea sends an SMS message using Twilio on execution to notify you (and your team) of the state of your builds.

Notification to a Chat Room

Have you ever wanted to send a Bamboo build failure notification to a chat room? Now you can with the Bamboo XMPP Conference Task. Also, this helps satisfy a feature request that some of you may have voted BAM-2345.

How to add a Task?

Interested in any of these Tasks? Hop over to the Atlassian Plugin Exhange and see all of the available Bamboo Tasks.

Enter Today

You still have time. Enter today and win a ticket to Atlassian Summit 2012 and $500 in prizes.


Last Call: The Bamboo Task Master Challenge...