It’s not often that a piece of writing makes me laugh out loud, but this one did. That’s not only a really flattering quote that our Confluence team should be proud of, but it’s hilarious. Of course, I would love to know who wrote it so we could attribute it on our website, but barring that, I’ll have to blog about it.

I was asked what the use case analysis of this product had been – what had we done to lead us to the conclusion that this was the product we should use for wikis. I said, “Well, I downloaded the product and ran the eval copy and thought to myself, ‘this kicks ass!’ Then I realized that they gave us the source code so we could modify it if we wanted to and I thought ‘this kicks ASS!’ Then I found a list of all the plug-ins that we could use and realized that I could even build our own plug-in and integrate our own product right into the wiki and thought, ‘Man, this KICKS ASS!’.

Read the full blog entry at Troy Angrignon’s blog Technology companies that improve the world with grace and beauty, and others that make products that are just “F**king cool!” or “Kick Ass!”.

“Kick Ass!” Products...