Keep the byte author Cédric offers this Piece of advice: Scrap your CMS portfolio and use an Enterprise Wiki instead.

I don’t have the time and resources to do it – therefore here’s the business ideal for free (for any European county):

  1. Call up Atlassian and make a deal to contribute the internationalised Confluence version in your home language (should be easy with version 2.2+)
  2. Scrap the WCM/CMS/Portal solutions in your portfolio
  3. Train your tech team in customising templates, writing plug-ins and using the API of Confluence (e.g. build a nice Word editing plug-in)
  4. Build some nice Intranet and Extranet templates
  5. Train your sales and consulting fellows to do fancy demos
  6. Don’t sell it as Enterprise Wiki! – sell it as Intranet & Extranet solution for small and mid-size companies.
  7. Get some happy customers

Cédric may be onto something as more and more organisations are using wikis for simple content management. And per the first point above, Confluence 2.2 is now fully internationalized (i18n), so we’re standing by the phones! As long as you’re reading Keep the byte, check out some of the other interesting postings, including this one on the use of AJAX for a better user experience.

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