We’re very excited today to announce the availability of GreenHopper 6.2! We’ve satisfied a whopping 850 votes with this release, and no matter how long you’ve been using Jira & GreenHopper, you’ll find some exciting stuff in all the reporting goodness of GreenHopper 6.2:

  • New Epic Report – track progress toward larger feature work spanning multiple sprints
  • New Version Report – projected completion dates calculated per-day based on historical velocity, giving you confidence as you get close to completion dates
  • New Gadgets – keep stakeholders informed and broadcast status to the entire team

All About Reporting

Track progress toward large feature work spanning multiple sprints

Epics help you get a handle on large areas of functionality and break down a large backlog so you can deliver chunks of value with each sprint. The new Epic Report enables the product owner and team to get a quick handle on progress both by number of story points and by number of issues, and keep a watch out for potential risk areas in unestimated issues.


WhatsNew_Hero_DeliverValue_407x248Gain confidence over release dates

As you plan value across a larger release, keeping track of work across the entire project by Version is a big job. The new Versions tab on the Plan board helps you plan progress toward each release in individual sprints. Assign issues to a version via drag and drop.



The new Version Report will help you ensure the release is on track. The chart calculates your historical velocity per-day, and you can configure non-working days to ensure the projection is accurate. The closer you get to release date, the more confidence you’ll gain with what you’ll deliver and when.

Jira Dashboards keep everyone on the same page

New gadgets will make your information radiator even more powerful! The Sprint Burndown gadget helps your team keep an eye on progress, and the Days Remaining gadget reminds everyone just how close you are to delivering value to your customers.


Bonus: Configure the Detail View

FeatTour_ConfigureDetail_288wWe’ve been heads-down focused on all things reporting in GreenHopper, but we managed to slip in another goodie during 6.2 development. You asked, we delivered: you can now configure the detail view on the right side of the Plan and Work boards to show the fields that matter most to your team!

Better your Agile Practices

Satisfying the customer through early and continuous delivery of valuable software is the highest priority of any agile team. Get GreenHopper 6.2 today and gain confidence over the value and timing of your delivery.

Get GreenHopper 6.2

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