Kaizen with GreenHopper: Visualising Agile & Kanban Storywalls

One of the popular sessions in the Dev Speed track at Atlassian Summit 2010 was on Kaizen with GreenHopper. The presentation was delivered by Craig Smith who is an Agile Coach at Suncorp and works with over 160 active projects to ensure development is constantly moving forward.
Craig covers many agile best practices with GreenHopper, including:

  • Using the GreenHopper Kanban board as an information radiator
  • How places like Starbucks use Kanban to make your coffee
  • The Six Rules of Kanban
  • When to use Kanban over Scrum
  • Practical Kaizen for both new and experience Jira users
  • And much more..

Check out the recorded presentation right here:

Want to view the slides?

The Kaizen with GreenHopper presentation slides and video recording can be found on the Atlassian Summit 2010 site (along with all other presentations from the event).

Summit 2010 Highlights – Kaizen with GreenHopper