Thank you to all who attended and helped plan our User Groups held last month. A special thanks goes to our gracious hosts M.I.T. and Stanford University as well as all who presented.
On June 21st, we held a User Group in Cambridge, MA on the M.I.T. campus with about 86 attendees. After the User Group, a survey was sent out (sorry it took so long to send!) and here are the results:

A week later on June 28th, a second User Group was held at Stanford University in Palo Alto, CA. There were roughly 62 attendees. Here are the survey results regarding this event:

As we strive to enhance these events, we are continually interested in hearing back from our attendees as well as those interested in hosting these events. Though we know they are of great value to attendees and Atlassian alike, we know there is always room for improvement.
Below are some comments from attendees of these recent User Groups, in no particular order:

  • It was a good chance to socialise with other development groups in the area, learn what they are working on and about innovative ways in which they are using your products.
    I would like to be able to attend more breakout sessions than one.

  • Perhaps a way to minimize the questions would be to have a forum set up beforehand for people attending and they can go through some of the questions before they get there.
  • I liked seeing the customer stories and how excited they were about your products.
  • Quality really shows when people who are already paying you to use your product, come to an event to talk about how much they love it.
  • After BoF [Birds of a Feather], have the facilitators share their summaries to the rest of the group as most topics generally apply to everyone using the products.
  • I also enjoyed the semi-moderated BOF format. I have been to similar sessions where there was no moderator present, and no value was really added.
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