We like to ship big things, but sometimes great things come out of tiny features. That’s how I feel about the review navigation shortcuts – with only 2 keys you can jump through all the files, diffs and comments of your changesets and reviews.

Choosing the content to navigate

In Fisheye, the j and k shortcuts automatically cycle through diffs and files; in Crucible reviews, you can fine tune your navigation using the drop down menu next to Prefs to control what items are cycled:



Moving forward / backward in your review

You can easily jump from one content item to another by using keyboard shortcuts and k. This will work both in Fisheye for your changesets and in Crucible for your reviews.


There are more shortcuts that can be discovered for your reviews. Simply press from a review to see the list of the available shortcuts.

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Jump through changesets and reviews with j/k keybo...