The Atlassian Foundation’s Make a Diff platform is almost ready to launch, but we need your help. Make a Diff is an online crowdsourcing platform that connects technology volunteers with nonprofit organizations to convert ideas into successful charitable projects. Here’s how it works:

  • Nonprofits list projects such as website development, document management, software customization, or project roadmapping, and with the help of a volunteer “project champion”, manage their project and related tasks through to completion.
  • Technology volunteers such as developers, designers, project managers, and more, can browse every charity project on Make a Diff, select what project they’d like to work on, and which task they would like to do, and start giving back right away.

How you can help

Our site is almost ready, but we need the help of java and front end-developers to get there. Join a bunch of Atlassians, including our VP of Engineering Jean-Michel Lemieux for a 24-hour hackathon to ship Make a Diff. You’ll be rewarded with free breakfasts, lunch, coffee, beer, t-shirts, free Starter Licenses, and a chance to win a free ticket to Atlassian Summit.

What: Make a Diff 24-hour hackathon
When: Friday July 25th 2014, 10 am
Where: 816 Congress Ave, Suite 1800
What to bring: Your own laptop


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Join us: A hackathon for charity in Austin...